Hiring Interns for an upcoming monkey sanctuary project in Ayodhya 

Hiring of Interns for Kapi Kanan Monkey sanctuary project


We want to hire interns who can work for at least 1 year on a monkey sanctuary project. In Ayodhya. We are naming the project as Kapi Kanan. 

We need interns, project assistants who can execute the project on ground. They will be the groud team coordinating with various stakeholders, the government, NGO and others. 

You can read the details on www.kapikanan.org


They must have education in zoology, botony department. 

Age should be in bracket of 23-35 years.


Their job will be to work with expert botonists, zoologists, primatologists and assist them by doing field visits, gather data and preparing reports. Once the project starts they will also be on ground to see that the project specifics are implented as per the plan. 

They will also be documenting the whole process with photos and videos. 


Time : 

22nd march - full day - starting from morning 9 am to evening 6 pm. 

Later :

After 26th march, we will share details on how project schedule will shape up. But one can expect spend at leasst 10 days in a month on ground and 15 days of work in total. When on ground, expect to work at least 5-6 hours a day. And when remotely then 3-4 hours daily  and 10-15 days in a month. on average. More than time, they have to own up the projects and become front runners of the project. And take up the responsibility and use the various resources and guidance available to get this project a success. 

A learning opportunity:

It would be a great learning opportunity as you will work some of the most experienced primatologists, botonists and other experts in their field. You will get first hand practical experience and be part of the project. 


Online interview

PHASE 1- ORIENTATION - Survey - 22nd march

There's a preliminary survey to be done on 22nd of March in Ayodhya. The project is at primilinary stage. And we are 

 So anyone interested has to reach Ayodhya on 22 nd march 8 am near Ayodhya Cantt Railway station. We will share exact address once you send an application.

Essential cossts/reimbersement for travel/lodging after 1 st april. 

Travel and lodging would be arranged / compensated for,


A stipend would be provided, in additional to the project essential cost reimbersement. 

The stipend would be in the range of 10,000-20,000 a month depending on the work involved and it will be informed at start of each month. And reviewed at the end of the month. 

This will be finalized after the priliminary survey is done. 

To apply:

fill the form here> https://forms.gle/T8qCzFM5TFrsLVAY9

For questions:

Priyank Parihar - on whatsapp: 9166610456 - try messaging only, don't call unless until really urgent/necessary. thank you.